Birgit Tarp Interior and textile designer Associated co-creator Timothy Jacob Jensen Studios


Interior & Textile designer/ Concept developer

Birgit Tarp is an interior and textile designer and the owner of the Copenhagen based design studio: Design Circus which was established in 2004 in Aarhus and offers interior design projects from idea, through concept, special designs, furniture delivery to finished decor. Birgit exudes a personal passion for adding a particular dispute to each project. Enjoy the studio´s distinctive creativity and unique flair to unite colors, materials, furniture and objects gathered in atmospheric, fully-sized spaces that functionally and commercially enrich. With several years of consultancy both as trend developer and lecturer at Scandinavian trend institute PEJ group, Birgit Tarp is also a well-known intermediary and creative concept developer. Below is a short appetizer of some of her many latest projects.

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