Design Director/ Service Designer

As a design strategist & designer, I have assisted start ups to global organisations find & implement purposeful design vision across a broad range of industries; consumer, architectural, medical & scientific, UX, service & fmcg for three decades. My key philosophy is one of being holistic & human centred, challenging preconceptions by employing a confluence of; What Shapes, What Inspires & What Works to deliver meaningful, advanced & appropriate to context solutions that are good for people, society & business alike. While I have worked at the forefront of product & service innovation I am most pleased by my long association with design that respects people & environment including emphasis on design for the Circular Economy.

Modern Ritual Electric Kettle

Role: Lead Design & Strategic Direction Reinstating meaning, fusing past & present. A fluted body serves to evoke an heirloom quality while delivering cool touch for safety & comfort. Playful modernity via its asymmetric open technical handle combines to create a unique character, shifting it from kitchen appliance, to an elevated & enduring role within it's environment & rituals of contemporary living.

NU True Wireless Earbuds

Role: Lead Design & Strategic DirectionHow do we create our own space in a crowded market? By challenging the utility & tech focus status quo, NU seeks to forge a new pathway by rethinking the relationship between personal sound & people. Evoking emotional connection via simplicity, a unique elegant contemporary jewellery persona & quality finishes aims to affordably inspire, delight & attune to peoples lifestyle & personality needs.

Home Security Camera

Role: Lead Design & Strategic Direction IoT products' 'tech gadget' focus has mostly failed to capture peoples hearts. With a simple spherical magnetic body this indoor camera delivers functionality both instinctively & elegantly. In a time of mistrust & surveillance the product de-features its monitoring function & technology to morph into everyday living, omnipresent, providing peace of mind in harmony with its environment & users.

Domestic Air Purifier

Role: Lead Design & Strategic Direction Poor air quality in our homes from synthetic materials, stale air & chemicals has a profound effect on our vitality & well being. A confluence of tension & balance, the purifiers distinctive form communicates function, performance & elegance. Contrast via vertical & horizontal bands coupled to a two tone colourway reinforces drawing in air, cleaning & re-entering it to the environment purified.

SDI Dental LED Curing Light

Lead Design & Strategic Direction - D+I Field research uncovered, amongst other functional needs, distinctly different gripping styles are used by dental professionals. The design projects a calming aesthetic with emphasis on ergonomics, workflow & usability innovations including UI feedback, status ring, swap out battery & a 'waisted' weight balanced design that enables differing hand sizes & gripping methods to be used.

Profile Tap Suite

Profilo was envisioned as a distinctive cost efficient premium tap suite. It's seamless DNA projects a unique brand signature & suits brass extrusion manufacture, a process with low capital cost & minimal finishing. The Tri design, a dynamic evolution of the traditional 'cross', offers a large grip surface. 'Bloc' aims to juxtapose the stereotype via a rectilinear format.

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