Thomas Ryan Jensen Associated co-creator


Philosophy / Process design

Every human being has a philosophy; a range of fundamental ideas about life, that governs the choices we make. I help people, leaders and organisations become aware of their lived philosophy and thereby making more conscious choices. I am a master of Philosophy and work as senior consultant at the Department of Management, Organization and Adminstration at University College Copenhagen. Here I develop, plan and teach leadership education for primarly public leaders. My main areas are leadership philosophy and process design and facilitation. ( I am also partner in the consulting company "Ryan & Højlund - philosophy in organizations". Together with Michael Højlund Larsen, I have since 2007 carried out a comprehensive range of philosophical practice activities, including seminars, courses, consulting assignments and individual interviews. ( Finally, I serve as a board member of the Danish Society for Philosophical Practice. (

Rebranding of the Danish Social Democratic party made in collaboration with Jacob Jensen Design
Rebranding of Thise organic dairy Denmark made in collaboration with Jacob Jensen Design
Visual identity and branding for the Danish Evangelical Lutheran Church made in collaboration with Jacob Jensen Design
11 Stars of Skive made in collaboration with Jacob Jensen Design

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