Tõnis Vellama Product designer Associated co-creator Timothy Jacob Jensen Studios


Product designer

Tõnis Vellama is the leading product designer of Estonia. He has graduated from the Estonian Art Academy in 1995 specializing in lighting design and product design. His designs adorn the Estonian embassies in Helsinki, Berlin, Rome, Copenhagen, Brusells, etc. In 2016 Tönis's lamp design was selected by the HILTON for their suites and superior rooms at Park Hotel Hilton Tallinn. His lamp design has also been chosen to decorate the Estonian National Library. Tönis has worked in Denmark for Jacob Jensen Design, he has also designed for the Norwegian lamp manufacturer Glamox. Tönis also works in the field of furniture, transportation, accessories, environmental, exhibition design and been curating exhibitions. His work has been exhibited around the world among, Shanghai, Riga,Paris London and Milan etc.

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