Christophe Walch Innovation and Product developer Associated Brand Ambassador Timothy Jacob Jensen Studios


Innovation and product developer​

As initiator of integrated architecture and interior design as well as of innovative concepts, my products are or have been collected, on display or on sale in several museums of modern art,including: Museum für Gestaltung Zürich Switzerland; Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) New York; Danish Design Center Copenhagen, Denmark, Centre Pompidou etc. In 1994 I was awarded at the International Inventors' Fair in Geneva for packaging concepts. In the mean time I got also several design and innovation awards in Europe. With modular concepts as a corner stone in development, many industrial fields have been supported such as: furniture, architecture, watch, packaging, home ware, and several others. During more than three decades, basic strategies for which I have been initiator and/or involved in, have been applied through my company CRIVAL® which has paved the watch industry with milestones: The first high class designer watch with high-tech material, in cooperation with Jacob Jensen / The first communication watch with flash remote control for Bang and Olufsen / The first modular watch for children with the Lego group.

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