As an associated Co-creator of Timothy Jacob Jensen Studios, you have the oppportunity of being assigned to specific client projects and lead these projects through development phases benefiting by the 1/3 fair pay model after project completion. Furthermore you have the ability to submit projects of your own to the Creative Marketplace where they will be published for sale after it has gone through the design submission process.The process to submit a design on the Timothy Jacob Jensen Studios – Creative Marketplace can be seen below.


Submit your project using the submission form. Timothy Jacob Jensen Studios will hereafter review your project within 30 days.
During this period you hand over all IPR and exploitation rights of the project to TJJS.
After the 30 days if the initial review is positive, you will be invited to Step 2 in the submission process. If the initial review is negative, all IPR rights associated with the submitted project will automatically return to the submitter of the project.


After signing a Non-disclosure Agreement you will get access to Timothy Jacob Jensen Studios' development platform to implement your project into the Timothy Jensen Studios Storyboard template. When your storyboard is complete, you will present your project to Timothy Jacob Jensen Studios. Either in person or online. If Timothy Jacob Jensen Studios concludes that your project has market potential, your project is accepted and you will be invited to step 3.


Following acceptance of your project, you will enter an Associate co-creator submission agreement with
Timothy Jacob Jensen Studios that outlines terms and conditions of the cooperation including that you will receive 1/3 of the income it generates, in case your project is produced and marketed.

Before your project is included in Timothy Jacob Jensen Creative Marketplace, you will receive design guidance to re-work your project until Timothy Jacob Jensen Studios approves it ready for sale.


Once your project is approved by Timothy Jacob Jensen Studios, it will be published in the Creative Marketplace, where global companies will be able to buy your project.
If your project is selected, you will be responsible for completing the project in cooperation with Timothy Jacob Jensen Studios, following the Timothy Jacob Jensen Studios design process.

When your project is launched, you are entitled to use the reference as co-creator of the project and you will receive the agreed 1/3 of the income generated by the project.


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