The Creative Marketplace is a closed environment. This means that only trusted Brands will see the design concepts. Initially TJJS will actively match and showcase design concepts to relevant Brands manually. Subsequent, Brands can join the platform by invite only. In the long term, we will open up to more Brands joining the platform, but they will still be screened and vetted. Note that only Brands will see the design concepts and not other creatives.

TJJS will actively push and market your design concepts. If a Brand is interested, we negotiate directly with the Brand based on your pricing indications, general pricing guidelines, the size and budget of Brand and with what intention the Brand is acquiring the design. 

Once TJJS has obtained aoffer from the Brand, it will be presented to you. Your concept will not be sold without your consent. 

The design process: Developing the design concept to final production ready design​

Rather than simply selling the design concept as-is, the Creative can collaborate with the Brand to develop the concept into a production ready design. ​

The Creative shall follow and comply with the TJJS Design Process as described below.​

Step 1. Design Development:
From the conceptual design acquired, the Creative shall develop the final proposal of the design based on feedback from the Brand. ​

The process is as following:​

  • After signing an NDA, the Creative will attend an initial kick-off meeting with TJJS and the Brand. The meeting is facilitated by TJJS, with the purpose to align expectations (e.g. if the Creative will develop 3D models) and ways of working​
  • Following, the Brand will provide feedback to the Creative on the acquired design concept. The feedback has to follow TJJS guidelines, and may not change the fundamental usage or functionality of the design concept. Feedback themes can (amongst other) include shape, colour, dimensions, materials, dimensions and add-ons (e.g. a provided logo)​
  • The Creative has to confirm the feedback in a minutes of meeting (within 24hours)​
  • Through an iterative process with the Brand, the design concept is finalized (on average 3-4 iterations should be expected)​
  • Once the final design has been approved, the Creative is to update the storyboard (similar to the submission template). When the storyboard and source files has been shared with the Brand, Step 1. Design Development is completed.​

Step 2. Design Implementation:​
The Creative shall assist the Brand and TJJS, from a design point of view, in ensuring that the design can be produced. This service has been included as part of the price, however with a maximum amount of hours, which will be based on the complexity and type of design. Additional hours will be billed.​

The process is as following:​

  • The Brand will provide the Creative with specific input regarding production and manufacturing capabilities ​
  • The Creative is to redesigning portions of the design to adjust for the manufacturing capabilities of the Brand​
  • Once the final design is production ready, the Creative is to update the technical drawings in the storyboard (similar to the submission template). When the storyboard and source files has been shared with the Brand, Step 2. Design Implementation is completed.

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