Together with its associates, the studio provides creative services within the business areas of product design, brand design, architecture and fashion as well as interior, graphic and digital design.

The studio operates by a fair-share principle, offering creatives fair compensation and credit for their work. At the same time, global brands and manufacturers get easy access to skilled creative talents and design expertise curated by Timothy Jacob Jensen Studios.


Want to share your designs and skills? ​ Join our Designers Trust platform.​ ​

As a designer, getting your work noticed and deploying your skill set has never been easier. Simply create your profile and start uploading your concepts or participate in our design pitches.


As Co-creator you have the opportunity to be assigned to work on projects for the design studio customers. You will receive 1/3 of all income including royalties generated by the project.

Additionally, you can submit your own design concepts to Designers Trust and as a co-creator of the studio, you have the opportunity to be assigned to specific Design Pitches within the platform, where you will receive half of all income generated by the project including royalties.

When your project goes public, you will be entitled to use the co-creator reference in the promotion of your own business.


As associate brand ambassador for Timothy Jacob Jensen Studios, you will be responsible for the perfect match making between clients and the studio.

We will support you by providing sales materials, participating in meetings, etc. You will be paid a percentage of design fee and royalties for each closed associate client agreement.


Timothy Jacob Jensen Studios offers a limited number of internship openings per year. You will be assigned to various design projects and work under the supervision of senior designers and professor Timothy Jacob Jensen either in the design studio in Denmark or via an online internship.

Depending on your design skills, you may become an associate co-creator during your internship. Having completed your internship, you will be entitled to use the reference to the internship in your portfolio.

If you would like to work with us, or have questions about the opportunities at Timothy Jacob Jensen Studios,  please contact us. 

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