Since 1979, Boform’s ambitious architects and highly skilled carpenters have provided exclusive kitchen and interior solutions for Scandinavian homes. Functional design and outstanding carpentry combined with innovative usage of woods, natural stone, precious metals, lacquer and beautiful veneer are the essence of Boform’s understated elegance.

In 2020, Timothy Jacob Jensen Studios were asked to revitalise the Boform brand to emphasize their exceptional architectural accomplishments, designed to last through generations.

The collaboration was led by Chief designer Timothy Jacob Jensen; Senior Art director, Graphic designer & Brand advisor Rikke Boe Nielsen; Graphic & UX/UI designer Francisc-Norbert Vicze and Digital designer Mimi Berbova.

Brand revitalization: Sophisticated simplicity

The interaction between dedicated architects and uncompromising craftsmen is the essence of Boform. Boform’s revitalised brand identity is based on the recognition of the unique craft behind Boform’s kitchen and interior designs, which was established by its founder Ove Skou and still practised by the brand to this day.

The brand identity embraces ultra-minimalism that through sophisticated use of refined photography, tone-in-tone colours, artistic image cropping and architectural lines makes up an honest visual language rooted in Danish architecture and craftsmanship. Use of advanced printing techniques adds tactile elements to Boform’s communication to underpin their dedication to details in every brand touch points.

The brand revitalisation was delivered in form of Boform Branding Guidelines, which purpose is to supply branding tools for associates when developing and designing communication solutions for Boform with the aim is to achieve a strong, consistent and unified brand identity.

Image catalogue

As part of the re-branding process, Timothy Jacob Jensen Studios assists Boform in the implementation of the revitalised brand identity.

One of the projects was to design Boform’s image catalogue, which was available in Boform’s showrooms in Denmark, Norway and United Kingdom from the beginning of 2021. The catalogue is a clear reflection of the rebranding where a combination of graphic elements and printing techniques sums up Boform’s sophisticated simplicity.

The catalogue was designed by Rikke Boe Nielsen in collaboration with architect Line Frier.

Experience the e-version here:

Design of website

The re-branding has delicately been transferred to Boform’s website, which is designed around beautiful imagery featuring selected works by Boform’s architects and carpenters. The site is developed on a simple responsive structure that captures the essence of Boform: Sophisticated simplicity.

The website was designed and developed by Francisc Norbert Vicze and Mimi Berbova in collaboration with architect Line Frier.

Visit Boform’s website here

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