If every person on the planet got fair pay for
their work, there would be no poverty, no wars
and no refugees.

At Timothy Jacob Jensen Studios, we share all revenue and royalties with our associates. This motivates everyone in the value chain to do their best and inspires them to realise their full potential.

We strive to be reassuring, caring, exciting
and inspiring in everything we do.


In 2019, Chief designer and professor Timothy Jacob Jensen opened Timothy Jacob Jensen Studios to realise his vision of changing the design industry.

The studio operates by a fair-share principle, offering creatives fair compensation and credit for their work. At the same time, global brands and manufacturers get easy access to skilled creative talents and design expertise curated by Timothy Jacob Jensen Studios.

Together with its associates, the studio provides creative services within the business areas of product design, brand design, architecture and fashion as well as interior, graphic and digital design.


All creations developed according to the fair-share principle of the studios carry Timothy Jacob Jensen’s personal sun symbol as a mark of authenticity.

The inspiration springs from Timothy’s early years as an apprentice to his father, Jacob Jensen. The symbol is rooted in the very first task he was set: drawing lines and circles. The circle symbolises the cycle of life while the vertical and horizontal lines represent life and death respectively.

A closer look reveals the sun symbol as a modern monogram of Timothy Jacob Jensen’s initials.
Det Danske Spiritus Kompagni A/S · Packaging design · Aalborg Jule Akvavit 2019 · Co-creator: Rikke Boe Nielsen

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